Baker’s Hours

June 25, 2009


So, I want to take a little time to talk… write… you know what I mean. I want to take a little time to talk about Embarrassment. We’ve all had those moments in life where something so humiliating happens that you just want to crawl into a hole somewhere and die a quiet death. What was that one embarrassing moment for you? My embarrassing moment happened a few weeks ago while I was at WordCamp San Francisco.

Anyone who has read this blog, or has followed geek related news in the past six months will know that I have a WordPress Tattoo. What is so embarrassing about that? Well, this year WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg, took some time to mention my tattoo during his keynote speech at WordCamp San Francisco. Oh, and the humiliation didn’t stop there. He didn’t just mention it, he posted a picture of it up on a 20 foot high screen, and then pointed me out in the crowd. You don’t know embarrassment until 700 pairs of eyes all turn to you. However, as embarrassing as being in mentioned in Matt’s State of Word keynote, being mentioned in Matt’s keynote was really friggin cool! Here is video of the speech compliments of My tattoo is mentioned at 13:55, but if you are into blog tech, then I would recommend watching the whole thing. There are some really cool things like the history of the WordPress Platform, Update 3.0, P2, BuddyPress, and plugins mentioned in Matt’s keynote. Enjoy!

Song stuck in my head at the time of this post: Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny


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