Baker’s Hours

April 3, 2009

Gallery Feature Friday: Lemon Meringue Tart


Playing around with shapes here. Tarts can be kind of boring because they tend to be rather flat on the plate. It was one of those “what if” ideas that popped into my head. In this case, it was, “What if I made tart shells in a muffin pan?” Well, here is the answer. The tart alone stands two inches tall, and the meringue easily adds another inch and a half to the height.

I tried two fillings in this shell, and both worked out well. The first was my Key Lime recipe that I just substituted lemon juice for key lime juice, the second was a Lemon Curd (Basically, pastry cream with lemon juice instead of cream). I liked the tartness of the key lime recipe, whereas my boss liked the richer softer of the curd. I did find that it was advantageous to use a thicker shell with the curd because it is so much softer than the other recipe.

In the end, it all depends on what you are going to do with it. If you want something that can last a while, then the baked recipe is the way to go. If you are plating to order, and want a fresher dessert, then I would recommend the curd. Either way, a variation on the boring old flat tart that stands tall and proud begging to be eaten!


Song stuck in my head at the time of this post: Low Rider by War (Here’s why!)


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