Baker’s Hours

February 19, 2009

Breakfast at Boots & Kimo's

bk1wmThe other day, I met up with some friends at a little hole in the wall place called Boots & Kimo’s, which lead to a pleasantly surprising find. First of all, when I got there, there was a line of people waiting outside, (always a good sign). Apparently, this place gets so busy, that the have adopted a rather odd, yet efficient system of taking orders while you wait outside. 

bk3wm bk2wm bk4wm 

Odd as this may have seemed, once you get inside, you see the brilliance of this system because your food is literally brought to your table the second you sit down. Because the restaurant is both small and busy, the dining experience is reversed here. You spend your time socializing while you wait out side, and once you get in, it’s all business. Eat and go. Normally, this “eat and run” set up would turn me off to a restaurant, but the novelty of this place roped me in. The servers were quick and efficient, but a little kurt. The restaurant was too busy for them to be sociable, but that no nonsense attitude also won me over in an unexpected way. It put me into a place of nostalgia for the roadside truck stops I used to frequent when I lived in West Virginia where the biscuits & gravy was thick enough to use as spackle, the waitresses called everyone “Hun” and you left feeling so full that you didn’t even want to think about food again for at least 14 hours. 

bk5wm bk6wm 

Breakfast at Boots & Kimo’s was great, but the one stand out of the menu are the Pancakes with the Macadamia Nut Sauce.

bk7wm bk8wm 

 As I have stated before, “Simplicity is Beauty”. A Creme Anglaise flavored with Macadamia Nuts. It was a true, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment for me. It wasn’t just the sauce (although it was a big part of it), the pancakes were spectacular! Light, fluffy, and they melted in your mouth. I have to admit that I was a little distracted from the flavor because I was trying to figure out what dairy they used in the sauce. It wasn’t heavy like a dessert sauce, so I ruled out cream or half & half. It was light and airy, so I knew it was milk, but I couldn’t figure out if it was whole, 2% or skim. There will definitely be some experimentation involved in the near future. 

The company I had with me was great and the food was indeed memorable. I had a great time! Boots and Kimo’s is a definite must visit if you are ever in the Kailua area.


Song stuck in my head at the time of this post: Speed Demon by Michael Jackson 


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